Tungsten copper
Tungsten Copper heat sink
Tungsten Copper heat sink information
Specification or Required Data for Quotation (mm)
Commodity description
Density (g/cm3)
Chemical composition
Normal Size: 1/8  3/16  1/4  5/16  3/8  1/2  3/4  1    1.25  1.5  Special Size:
Normal Size: 3.54  5.32  7.09  8.86  10.63  14.18  21.26  28.35 
35.44   42.53   Special Size:
Surface condition
Sinter  Grounded 
Normal size:1/8  with plastic insert(s)   without plastic insert(s) 
Color: Black  Blood Red  Brown  Green Pumkin  Junebug  Watermelon Seed  Others  Special:
We can paint the color according to your requirement.
(We can adjust color to meet your special requirements.)
Salt water fishing    Fresh water fishing
Quantity (PCS/KGS )
just sample  trial order  Formal order  Green Pumkin
Annual requirements Price would be re-quoted according to different quantity requirement.  
Port and country
by air;    by express;     by sea;  others;
Special package required
(the standard packages are always wooden, carton and/or iron boxes and/or drums)
("N/M" will be showed on the package if there¡¯s any special required)
Expect delivery time
Documents required
(the standard documents offered: Invoice, Packing List, (Airway) Bill of Loading, Test Report)
Other requirements
please send it if you have
Your sample(s)
we can design drawing for you as per your sample(s)
Payment term
1.When the total volume ¡ÜUSD1, 000.00, cash, check or transferred through Paypel is acceptable.
2.When the total volume is ¡ÝUSD1, 001.00, ¡Ü5,000.00, money transferred through Paypel, check or T/T is acceptable.
3.When the total volume is > USD5, 000.00, L/C or D/P is acceptable. As to the old customers, mixed payment is acceptable, and there could be a negotiation to adjust the payment term to keep the risk into the lowest point to reach mutual benefits.
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